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This website will provide a full description on how I make my knives, some typical photos of what my knives look like and technical articles that I have written. I also intend to include links to material suppliers that I recommend and other interesting sites. I make my knives one at a time, no two will be the same and they are all made like they will be my own. I like  to  make  fixed blade fillet knives

and hunters.  I do my own heat treating and all blades are Rockwell tested throughout the process to insure the best balance between hardness and toughness.


Cutting performance is primary and I tend to lean toward high percentage alloy steels like the CPMs at the high end of the hardness scale. My fillet knife work has taught me that a thin flat grind section blade cuts the best and that is how I make most blades. If you are interested in my knives I prefer to work directly with you via e-mail or telephone.

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