Knife Making :: Durability

SEAMOUNT knives intended to be used in the field in salt and humid environments are constructed from stain resistant steel in the blade, and brass guard.

I do a "satin" finish on all my blades. I do not feel that a mirror finish is desired or necessary on a working blade.

On hidden tang designs the guard to blade joint is held to a few thousands of an inch and sealed with glass filled epoxy during assembly. On full and partial tang designs the handle slabs are all 100% bonded with epoxy for a full seal.

This construction allows for a minimum number of joints and fasteners to leak. The knife will be very easy to maintain but will not be completely immune to corrosion. Stainless tool steel will pit and corrode if not cleaned up after use.

I recommend washing with fresh water and drying and then spraying the entire knife with a non stick vegetable spray like "Pam" before putting the knife in the sheath.

A custom knife if taken care of should last a life time. You can will it to your grand kids when you are gone. Each knife will have the highest level of craftsmanship and the very best materials obtainable. I guarantee it for as long as I can make knives.