Knife Making :: Edge Geometry

Many knives are constructed with a thick section at the cutting edge because they have to be built for the hands of an inexperienced user. This makes them somewhat clumsy and hard to sharpen. I elect to trust the user to exercise enough common sense to not abuse the blade.

I can therefore grind to a very thin edge. Fillet knives are finished to about 0.010 inch and hunters about 0.010 to 0.015 inch. This allows for very easy sharpening because only a small amount of metal needs to be removed to renew the cutting edge. In fact they will almost cut before they are sharpened.

This thin section does however require some care during use. It will hold up very well when used for filleting fish, field dressing and skinning, and normal kitchen and butcher work but is not intended for chopping or prying around bones. A saw or cleaver is best suited for this type of work, and they are much less expensive than a custom knife.